Top 7 Hottest Lingerie Trends in 2021

We’re a little more than halfway through 2021, which means it’s the perfect time to look back on the year and gauge the fashion trends that caught everyone’s imagination. I think we can confidently say that 2021 truly is the year of the lingerie.


The erotic appeal of lingerie has never been denied, but most people didn’t always consider lingerie suitable for day-to-day purposes. Instead, your fanciest lingerie may have languished in the back of your closet, just waiting for the day you’d deem an occasion suitable enough to unleash your erotic self.


But that’s changed in 2021, due, in no short part, to the pandemic. People have been wearing lace underwear and lingerie to perform day-to-day activities, such as Zoom calls, making dinner, or just lounging about. Corsets and bustiers have also inflamed popular imagination, sweeping across the virtual waves of Instagram and TikTok.


And we’re here for this shift!


Lingerie doesn’t have to be unveiled only during sexual intercourse or erotic moments with your partner. There’s nothing sexier about a woman just going about her damn day looking and feeling fierce. So you pull that lingerie out of your closet and put it on even when you’re doing laundry because you are a goddess in your power, and you deserve to feel sexy all the time.


Lingerie and underwear have also seen a lot of experimentation this year. It’s led to the emergence of some lingerie trends no one could have predicted, such as crotchless panties and corsets! Below, we highlight some of our favorite lingerie trends in 2021 for all women — go ahead, browse through, and unleash your erotic self!


Crotchless Panties

A massive lingerie trend in 2021 is the rise of sexy crotchless panties, also known as ouvert, the French word for open. And true to the name, these crotchless panties truly are open, leaving little, scratch that, nothing, to the imagination! Now more than ever, women and non-binary folks want to feel sexy every day, not just on special occasions.


Oh yes, and crotchless panties just happen to be great for air circulation, if you like it a little breezy down there.


The Bodysuit

The bodysuit, aka the bodystocking, has made a serious comeback in 2021. They’re an excellent way to dress up and dress down, sexy enough to give you a jolt of confidence but not so much that you can’t wear them in public. Seriously, just throw a blazer over your bodysuit, and you have a sexy yet professional look good enough for an official Zoom video!


Bodysuits and bodystockings are especially suitable for you if you’re a little shy about exploring your sexuality. It’s like dipping a toe into the thrilling waters of eroticism and sexual liberation. And once you’re comfortable, you can explore bodysuits in lace or the color red. Play around with your options and find what works for you! 


Corsets and Bustiers

Corsets and bustiers have usually been relegated to period dramas and cosplay, but they made a sudden (and thrilling) comeback in 2021. As roughly 63 million households streamed Shonda Rhimes’ steamy Regency-era drama Bridgerton on Netflix, the corset was pulled out of the history books, its sexist connotations were dusted off, and it was repurposed to explore feminine sexuality in all its glory. Now, corsets and bustiers are literally everywhere!


In fact, corsets have become so popular that designers are making corsets that can be worn over shirts and dresses by men, women, and everyone else. While corsets were originally intended to squeeze women into shapes desirable to the male gaze, modern corsets are suitable for women of all sizes and shapes. Instead of contorting you into another shape, they frame and highlight the shape of your body in all its curvaceous beauty.


The Goddess

The goddess has to be one of our favorite lingerie trends from 2021 because it perfectly bridges the gap between sexual empowerment and cosplay. Women of all shapes and sizes have been reimagining themselves in the picture of goddesses from Greek and Egyptian lore. And in the process, they’re tapping into their female power and energy like never before.


Red Hot

It feels a little reductive to include the prominence of the color red in the hottest lingerie trends in 2021. Has the color red ever not been trendy? One might as well call it the hottest lingerie trend of all times. Wearing red lingerie empowers you to feel confident about yourself and your sexuality no matter what the world throws your way.


There’s a reason that bright red is eternally in vogue — it’s just sexy, and it literally works for all body types and skin complexions. If you’re new to lingerie or have only recently started exploring your erotic self, selecting red lingerie should be your first move. You can also experiment with different shades of red, like maroon or burgundy.


Lace and Mesh Robes

Nothing makes a woman feel like royalty quite like lace and mesh robes. It’s a sexy yet sophisticated means of tapping into your sexual power. And it goes without saying — something about the texture of lace and mesh just feels sexy. The light fabric sways with your motion, rubbing against your skin as it swishes back and forth, triggering all of your erogenous zones at once. We highly recommend a hot pink lace and mesh gown for the additional oomph!



There’s an incredibly transformative potential in beautiful chemises made of pure silk satin. The texture is comfortable, supple, luxurious, and there’s nothing quite like sleeping in a luxurious silk slip. It’s no wonder that so many of us have turned to silk chemises for our day-to-day living in 2021. When you’re trapped indoors, a chemise is the perfect way to bring a bit of glamor and luxury back into your life.

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