Privacy Policy

LASHESNLACE.COM respects the privacy of our valued customers.  Our official security and privacy policy has been designed to help our customers understand the information we collect and the way we use it. In our efforts to enhance our many features and services for our customers, LASHESNLACE.COM launches newer schemes from time to time. Therefore, the following policy is subject to amendments without former notice.

We recommend all our visitors and customers to read our privacy policy every so often.


Online Privacy

The information we assemble in our online forums, comes under the following categories:

  • Online Order details
  • Cumulative Website usage information
  • Intended registered buyer information
  • Click streaming data and cookies


Cumulative website usage information

We gather and save information about the pages and content viewed by our site visitors. We then use this information in a cumulative form to understand the behavioral trends of our visitors. Our aim is to use this information for our website improvement by making it more receptive to the preference and requirement of our visitors.

Our web servers mechanically gather information about every visitor who goes through pages including the respective Internet Protocol (IP) address. This IP enables us to recognize your computer, so that your requested information can be made accessible to you.

We provide parts of this cumulative website usage information to consultants, news agencies, advertisers, periodically. Normally, this is done in order to learn about the interest that our site is able to generate that further helps us in designing future infrastructure policies.


Online order details

If you choose to buy products directly from LASHESNLACE.COM, we require your email address during the order procedure so that we can send you an e-mail acknowledgement for the receipt of your respective order. This e-mail message contains your name, address, membership number (if relevant), the list of items bought, reference number, confirmation  of your shipping address and method and the aggregate amount of the items purchased.


Click-streaming data and cookies

In order to purchase items from LASHESNLACE.COM or to register with us, your browser must be able to accept ‘cookies.’ A cookie is a fragment of data in textual folder or file in your computer’s hard disk, that helps us identify you when you visit our site. We make use of cookies to identify the following things:

  • Your profile details that you share with us
  • Your defined areas of interest on our website
  • The list of items that are in your cart
  • The most frequently visited pages

The only private information our LASHESNLACE.COM cookies can cover is the information you give yourself. Our cookies are not programmed to extract data from other areas of your computer.

Click-streaming data is the information that covers the page-by-page navigation that you do as you browse through our site. With the help of cookies, we track and save this information to aid us in making your on-site shopping experience better. We may make use of this information collectively for enhancing services for shoppers and people who behave in a similar manner. We may also use this information to improve your individualistic shopping experience.

Policy for children

We do not propose to gather any personally recognizable information from children through our site. Please do not permit children under the age of 13 to provide any identifiable details or contribute in the bulletin boards of LASHESNLACE.COM

What happens to the information received by LASHESNLACE.COM?

At LASHESNLACE.COM, we strive to ensure that the information sent to us is stored and handled securely. All the collected data is saved on the site and is guarded by numerous structured security levels.



Contact number


E-mail address

We use these details to process your order and ensure its timely delivery. The cumulative order information is also used to track and evaluate the shopping trends, which enable LASHESNLACE.COM to increase their product and services for all its valued members and customers.